Thursday, January 31, 2008

Radiant Thinking

Part of the training I was in this week centered on creativity. I know that might sound odd for a training topic. But I work in radio and being creative is a big part of my job.

The trainer introduced us to a creative method known as radiant thinking. It's basically a word association exercise. You can use it for any creative effort, but he was teaching us to use it for developing story ideas.

You can try it right now. Get out a piece of paper. Draw a small circle (about the size of a 50-cent piece) in the middle of the paper. Now draw ten rays shooting out of the circle. Think of a word or idea and write it in the middle of the circle. Now as fast as you can, think of the first ten words that come to mind and write them down on the rays.

To take it further, pick the three most unusual words you just wrote and repeat the above steps using those words. Now see if there are any repeated words or connected ideas. The idea is that certain themes will emerge and you'll get a clearer picture of your creative ideas.

I can't imagine ever using this for my reports. But I'm thinking it might be downright brilliant for blogging. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What are ya after doin' thar?

I was in training the past two days. A radio broadcasting coach is working with the reporters at my station to help us improve our writing and vocal performance.

The guy is really good at what he does. I've learned a lot from him after just two days of sessions.

But the main thing I've taken away from my time with him is...his accent.

He's from Newfoundland. Imagine an accent that's a cross between Canadian and Irish. That's how he sounds.

I keep catching myself slipping in words with an accent here and there. I've also been thinking to myself in an accent.

It's all I can do to keep myself from reporting my stories with a bit of brogue thrown in.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Whittling the Wish List

It's true. My Mini Cooper is on its way! The picture is actually the one I am going to get. And yes, it's a convertible. I honestly never dreamed when I started my Wish List that I would actually be getting the things on the list. All you guys better watch out! Getting a boyfriend is next. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008


Best quote of the day:

"What do you think about same-sex marriage?"
"I think it's better than no sex marriage."

Second best quote of the day:


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sit Down and Shut Up

This week has been incredibly stressful. In addition to dealing with some long work hours and extra responsibilities, I've also been dealing with having a car accident, shopping for a new car, handling a compromised credit card account, trying to get insurance adjusters to call me back and trying to figure out how long it will take for this whole situation to be behind me.

My body is still aching from the wreck and my muscles are tense from all the worry. My mind races and I've been having anxiety dreams every night. I wake up not feeling rested and then I spend the entire day divided in my mind between work and personal concerns.

I've been praying all week for God's wisdom and that He will protect me physically and financially through this whole process. But I've still been overwhelmed. So tonight I asked the Lord to just bring a verse to mind that I could rely on this week. And the first thing that popped into my head was "Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!" Psalm 46:10

That honestly wasn't what I was expecting to hear from God. But I realize it's what I needed to hear. It's God's patient and loving way of telling me to sit down and shut up and let Him take care of things. And it's a gentle reminder that the way He does business is not necessarily to fix everything, but rather to make sure His name is glorified.

So tonight I am going to be still. I am not going to strive and worry and obsess over the details of the situation I'm in. I am simply going to rest in the knowledge of God's character and power and let the peace that transcends understanding guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Total Loss

It's official. My car is totalled. I don't yet know how much money I'll get for it, but the tow company is coming out tomorrow to pick it up. I've been advised by my insurance agent to start shopping for a new car now because I'll probably have my settlement check within three days. So now I have a dilemma on my hands. I don't want to go car shopping alone. But I also want to very carefully choose my car shopping companion. This is a big decision.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Only Tuesday

And it feels like it should be Friday. This is turning out to be a brutal week. I've worked late several nights in a row and am just feeling tired and overwhelmed. And guess what. Tomorrow is city council day. Joy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Irony: Part Two

Just when you think your weekend was pretty bad from being in a wreck and having your car totalled... get a phone call from your credit card company reporting that your card has been compromised and someone has racked up $979 in cosmetics purchases on your account.

She must be one ugly thief...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Premonitions: The Sequel

I worked late last night and by the time I was driving home it was very dark, very cold and very drizzly. The rain was just heavy enough to make the roads really slick and make it difficult to see. I was driving through Memorial Park and thought "this is the kind of night when really bad accidents happen."

About ten minutes later, I found myself sitting in my now crumpled car in the middle of an intersection along with two other crumpled cars. Not the Friday evening I was expecting to have.

As you've probably deduced from the fact that I'm blogging right now, I'm fine. I'm a little sore and stiff, but not hurt. No one else was hurt either. My car, on the other hand, isn't feeling so well. Parts of her are dangling off and other parts are bent into shapes they're not intended to be in.

What had happened wuz...

I was driving west on Woodway and was about to pass through the intersection at Woodway and Post Oak Rd. Another driver, going east on Woodway turned left, failing to yield, and crossed right into my path. I hit her. Then the car in the lane next to me hit her. It wasn't pretty. We all got out of our cars and the other girl who had been in the lane next to me called the police. For some reason I thought "she's a Christian. I just know she's a Christian."

A few minutes later when she got off the phone, she walked up to me and asked me if I attend HFBC! She said she just knew I was a Christian and she felt like she recognized my face.

So that's two premonitions in one night. Except I think the first one was more a judgment based on knowledge and probabilities and the second one was more the presence of the Holy Spirit. But ya know, who's counting...

Friday, January 18, 2008

A thought

The next time anyone tries to tell me the radio station I work for is really liberal, I am going to refer them to yesterday's post.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dictators and Aliens

Walking through the parking lot this morning, I passed one of my co-workers and said hello. He responded in kind and then he glanced at a button I have pinned to my coat. The button is hot pink and says "I've been to Cuba." My co-worker asked me if I actually have been to Cuba and I assured him that it's true. He asked me a few questions about the country. I told him some of my impressions and shared with him about the extensive propaganda spread throughout the country by the Cuban government.

Next thing I know, my co-worker is informing me that if Hillary Clinton is elected president she'll quickly become a dictator along the lines of Fidel Castro. He informed me in a near whisper that the first thing she'll do as president/dictator is shut down all the AM radio stations. Then her second move will be to abolish the electoral college. Then he cast his eyes toward the heavens and pleaded for God to spare us from such a state.

That's when I began sending up silent prayers of my own that God would protect me from conspiracy theorists.

A few moments later, I was walking down the hall toward the elevator and I noticed a young woman out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't see her face, but I didn't recognize her. So I figured I should be cordial and say hello. She turned to look at me and I swear her face looked like an alien's. She had huge, wide-set eyes, a high forehead and flattened features. I only got a glimpse of her before she turned and walked through a doorway without saying a word. I peeked around the doorway to watch where she went and she was nowhere to be seen.

So I began sending up silent prayers that Mr. Conspiracy Theorist hadn't rubbed off on me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I couldn't find you in a sermon
I couldn't find you in a song
I couldn't find you Sunday morning
and that's when I knew something had gone wrong
I couldn't see you in the reading
I couldn't hear you in my prayers
I couldn't feel you in my feelings
and I began to fear that you weren't there

Then I thought I heard a sound somewhere in me
You said to stoop way down and that's where you'd be...

I never thought I'd find you here, way down in my shame and fear
I never thought that you'd draw near to this - my faithlessness
I never thought to look for you in this ditch that I've been crawling through
I never thought you'd listen to the plea of non-religious me

They told me they'd be praying for me
then they showed me to the door
They made it clear that they'd ignore me
until I wasn't struggling any more
That's when I started feeling guilty
it must have been my fault somehow
If only I'd been stronger, maybe
I would not be in this mess right now

But then I saw a nail-scarred hand bleeding on me
You said "I understand" and you showed me mercy...

I never thought I'd find you here, way down in my shame and fear
I never thought that you'd draw near to this - my faithlessness
I never thought to look for you in this ditch that I've been crawling through
I never thought you'd listen to the plea of non-religious me

Blessed are the poor in spirit, the Kingdom will belong to them
Your love is strong but still they fear that you will never let them in
Lord I am a true believer, help me overcome my unbelief
I stepped out on the raging water and now I'm sinking in the sea

If we have no room for strugglers, where are they to go for answers?
Didn't Jesus ask his Father for another way?
And what does that say
About the way we handle people when their faith is fragile?
Even Jesus slipped and stumbled when he carried the cross
Now the curse is gone and in its place
Amazing grace!

~Ross King

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My work computer appears to be in its final death throes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

His body broken for us

Last night at church, we shared the Lord's Supper. I really appreciate how we've been participating lately by standing up and walking to the table to receive the elements. I find it very beautiful to watch thousands of people silently streaming forward in a communal act of physically receiving the symbols of death and forgiveness.

The deacons of the church stood at the tables, serving the juice and bread. As I was waiting for my turn, I noticed that shards and crumbs from the wafers were scattered on the ground. Those crumbs and bits of bread represent Christ's body. The people of the church were trampling the pieces, crushing them underfoot. As my foot fell down on those crumbs and ground them into the carpet, it was such an incredible physical reminder of what my sins and the sins of those around me put Jesus through. He was trampled and crushed and ground into the dirt by the very people who depended on him for their salvation. By me.

I realize that for those of you who are Catholic or who have a Catholic background, this description of the treatment of the elements could be upsetting to you. It was upsetting to me. But it was upsetting in a powerful and beautiful way. I went back to my seat and ate the bread and drank the wine and thanked God for His mercy on me - chief among his tormentors and executioners.

Wounded and forsaken, I was shattered by the fall
Broken and forgotten, feeling lost and all alone
Summoned by the King into the Master's courts
Lifted by the Savior and cradled in his arms...

I was carried to the table, seated where I don't belong
Carried to the table, swept away by His love
And I don't see my brokenness anymore
when I'm seated at the table of the Lord
Carried to the table, the table of the Lord.

Fighting thoughts of fear, wondering why He called my name
Am I good enough to share this cup? This world has left me lame
Even in my weakness the Savior called my name
In His holy presence I am healed and unashamed...

As I'm carried to the table, seated where I don't belong
Carried to the table, swept away by His love
And I don't see my brokenness anymore
when I'm seated at the table of the Lord
I'm carried to the table, the table of the Lord.


Friday, January 11, 2008


I had a fling yesterday. You heard me right. "Why have a full on affair when you can have a fling?" Of course, I'm referring to a candy bar that my roommate brought back from New Zealand. It really is called a Fling. And it really does have that little catch phrase on the package. It was tasty.

It occurred to me this morning that I've had nine roommates. Nine! In the span of five years, no less. Fortunately, if I stay on track to keep my New Year's resolution, then my tenth roommate will be the final one.

Mike Huckabee was on the Colbert Report this week. I've seen him on there before. He's really funny. Is it bad that I would consider supporting him because I like his sense of humor? I suppose it's probably not the best idea to vote for the President of the United States and leader of the free world based on his ability to come up with a good punch line.

Oh, and on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart referred to Larry King as a "magical talking gnome." I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Above Average

The average American woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. It's good to know I'm above average. But I must admit I had no idea how far I exceeded the norm when it comes to shoes. I know I have a lot of shoes, I just had no idea I had that many more shoes than is considered normal. In fact, just 15 percent of women own 30 pairs of shoes, according to the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Confession: I have 31 pairs of shoes, not counting flip-flops and a few pairs that I've been meaning to give to Goodwill.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Live from City Hall

I'm blogging from City Hall...this could signal a huge turn-around in the outlook for my Wednesdays. If I have to be stuck in these meetings, at least I'll have the opportunity to mock the proceedings in real time. I am having some internet connectivity issues. I'm also concerned there may be some problems with this laptop, so I'm hoping this all works out.

Right now the Controller and Finance Administrator are giving their monthly financial reports to the councilmembers. Yawn. The most interesting thing that has happened so far was when the mayor lectured the new councilmembers on how to present their arguments around the table.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Damsel in Distress

I came home Sunday night to find an intruder in my house. He tried to attack me, but I fought back and killed him. I then had a problem: getting rid of the body. I couldn't do it on my own. I tried, but found myself unequal to the task. So I emailed four of my guy friends, asking if someone could help me.

One guy responded. One! Wow. I feel loved.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Just when you think you're alone and longing for discover there's a giant cockroach in your kitchen.
Ever miss something you've never had?
I just feel a little alone.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Ever have a moment when you just know without a doubt that something is about to happen? That's happened to me several times lately. But I'm not talking about just a vague premonition. I'm talking about specific details. For example, last week I was heading home after having dinner with friends. I got in my car, put my purse on the seat and literally thought "I should pull my phone out of my purse because Alyssa is about to call me." Within 15 seconds, Alyssa called. Now Alyssa and I don't talk on the phone much and it's not an everyday thing for her to call me. But I somehow knew she was going to call.

It happened again last night. Twice. The first time was when I was again leaving the group and again I thought "Alyssa is about to call." Sure enough, seconds later my phone rang. She was calling to suggest that we, along with another friend, go get some coffee.

We drove to the coffee shop. Now, we were heading to a shop we don't often go to. It's not one of my regular haunts. But as we walked up to the cafe, I looked inside and saw several people sitting at tables. I made eye contact with one guy who I've never seen before, but as soon as I saw him I thought "someone we know is going to be inside." Guess what. We walked in and made it about five steps and saw a friend sitting at one of the tables. And what's even weirder is she was sitting with that guy that I had made eye contact with just moments before.

Now I just need to figure out how I can turn this to my advantage. I should work on having a premonition about what my future holds.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Battling My Fears

When I was about nine years old something horrible happened to me that has haunted me all my life. For years I avoided confronting the issue. That one moment has had repercussions for the past 20 years of my life. But about three weeks ago, I finally confronted my fears and have let go of that moment from the past.

I have found freedom and finally started using a round styling brush on my hair.

You thought this was going to be a serious QQ post, didn't you? So gullible.

You see, when I was young I had really long hair. So long I could sit on it. And one fateful day one of my older girl cousins was playing with my hair. She was brushing it and braiding it and just having fun. And she took a round hair brush and rolled it up in my hair...and it got stuck. Horribly stuck. My hair was all tangled up in it and she freaked out and started trying to tug it out and that hurt SO bad. So of course, I started crying and ran to get my mom. It took about half an hour to get that brush out of my hair.

Ever since then, I would never use a round brush. All my stylists through the years told me I needed to use one -- it would increase the volume. But always in the back of my mind I had memories of that awful experience with a round hairbrush.

But a few weeks ago I decided to confront my fears and start using a round brush. (It helps that my hair is about two feet shorter than it used to be.)

Freedom is a voluminous thing.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I don't usually make New Year's resolutions. But this year I decided I should have at least one. The problem with resolutions is most people don't have the motivation to actually keep them. You pick something that you know you should work on, but you don't really want to work on. So you say to yourself "this year I am going to exercise more, eat better, quit procrastinating, save more money and give more of my time to volunteering." But you don't really feel like doing any of those things. So I have decided I need to set a resolution that I will actually want to accomplish.

That's why my New Year's resolution for to have sex. I feel there is sufficient motivation for me to keep this one. Of course, I'm talking about sex after the wedding. So I suppose my actual resolution is to get married. "Find your mate in '0-8!"

Of course, I'd also settle for "Go on a date in '0-8."