Friday, May 06, 2011

Getting to know the neighbors

Last night I walked into my backyard to water my garden when I was startled by the sound of someone greeting me. I looked up and saw my neighbor, on his balcony, looking down at me and smiling. And I swear at first glance I thought he was naked.

I quickly looked away and mumbled a greeting in response while I snuck a second glance (come on, people...just to verify that my eyes were tricking me...not out of any prurient interest). Fortunately, he was NOT naked. He was shirtless and was wearing some light khaki shorts that were close in color to his skin which is what gave me the impression of nudity. But it was too late for normal conversation at that point. I had already given off the "weirded out" vibe and he quickly retreated back into his house.

I then laughed to myself because I recalled that just two nights before, I was out watering the backyard quite late in the evening (after dark)...wearing my yoga pants and a t-shirt and, I shamefully confess, NOT wearing any supportive undergarments of the female variety. And the same neighbor walked by on his way out of the house and stopped to chat for a moment. I gave him a pained smile as I crossed my arms over my chest. Again, he got the "weirded out" vibe from me because I was all kinds of self-conscious.

So at this point he probably thinks I'm either really awkward or really weird or maybe both.

Clearly, there's a life lesson in this story somewhere.

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