Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Input Desired

I'm thinking about buying this dining room table. It has the look I want at a price I love. My only hesitation? It's from Walmart. Thoughts?

Click here to see the table.


Megan Bennett said...

I say if you like it and can afford it....who cares where it is from? And....if the quality isn't great for a long term investment..... again... who cares b/c it's not like you have to have that table forever! Or you can save for a long term investment table. But if you're like me....I want it NOW! I really like it by the way! Miss you!

Amber McCarthy said...

I have the same ambivalent feelings about Walmart. On the one hand, they're an evil behemoth; on the other hand, aren't a lot of corporations? I still buy gas even though a lot of oil companies have made really terrible impacts on the environment. I think that if you can find a similar table elsewhere, buy that one. If not, just get the Walmart one. Good luck!

Ulovebeth said...

Can you see it in person? I was sold on an IKEA dresser in a certain color of wood, but in person, I found out it got dinged up easily and didn't wear well.
But I like it.
I'm all about discount furniture. I prefer to spend my money on shoes & coffee.