Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dining Dilemma

Ok here's the deal with the dining table. What I really, REALLY want is way outside my budget. There's a shop called Barrio Antiguo that makes tables out of repurposed wood doors. They are gorgeous. And they run in the $1000+ range, which is about twice what I am willing to spend on a dining table.

I spotted one I really like at World Market, that has the same sort of rustic look and feel that I'm going for, but it's too large. Technically, I could squeeze it into my dining room. But I think it would feel too cramped and oversized for the space.

So I'm mentally settling for the one at Walmart. And I shouldn't settle. I should wait and find one that I really love. Blah blah blah. Fine. Back to scouring the furniture stores. Again.

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