Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a Great Day in the City of Houston

A perfect day, really. If I had the day off on a day like this in Houston, here's what I would do.

9:00 - Waffles & Wings at the breakfast klub

10:30 - browse the Menil Collection and walk around the neighborhood between galleries

12:30 - light lunch at Krafts'men Baking

1:00 - walk off lunch while visiting thrift shops along Westheimer, especially antique shops and Buffalo Exchange

3:00 - coffee and some reading at Empire Cafe...ok...maybe some cake too

5:00 - a ramble through the Japanese Gardens in Hermann Park

6:30 - stop and watch the sunset

7:00 - glass of wine and light meal at Backstreet Cafe

9:00 - moonlight stroll through Discovery Green

That, my friends, is about as perfect a day as one can get.


gL said...

WoW!! I'm hungry now...

You have such an eye for the good hole in the wall place as well as a taste for the eclectic... love it!

Mindy said...

why have we not been to the breakfast klub or the kraftsmens place when I visit.. put them on the must do list for next time! :)