Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Notes from Backstage

Despite my nerves, everything went well last night. My date (the real one, not David Sedaris) and I arrived and were ushered into the private reception in the Green Room. We mingled a bit and were both amused by the adoration of one of my radio fans. This really sweet woman was clearly a bit starstruck by being in my presence. She couldn't even bring herself to come close to me, but rather chose to hover nearby and, as my date put it, "watch Laurie Johnson from afar."

Highlights of the evening included:
  • Meeting David Sedaris. He was very friendly and told me I looked far too young to work for a public radio station.
  • Getting catcalls and whistles onstage when I told the story about my mom's fears.
  • One listener told me she always imagined me as looking studious, but upon seeing me thinks I'm "so glamorous"
  • Walking through the parking garage back to our car, a woman's voice calls out "Laurie Johnson!" I turn around and see a stranger beaming behind me. She told me she recognized me from my shoes.
  • My shoes. Seriously, they looked hot.
  • Facebook messages from friends who saw me at the show.
  • My date (the real one, not David Sedaris). He looked hot too.


Mindy said...

who was your real date? :)

Laurie said...

A very attractive guy from my church. :)

Rebecca said...

I want someone to recognize me for my shoes :)