Friday, October 24, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

No, I didn't spot a celeb on the street. I AM the celeb.

Yesterday I was chatting with the volunteers here at the station, thanking them for helping out with our fundraising campaign. As I talked to one guy he suddenly exclaimed "You're Laurie Johnson! I can't believe I've been sitting here talking to you. I listen to you all the time!" I thanked him for listening and made small talk for a bit. Then I started to move away to head back to the studio, but he stopped me, stood up and pulled out his cell phone and said "I know I shouldn't do this...but I just can't help myself..." meanwhile I'm thinking "oh dear God, please don't let him ask for my number." He looked a bit embarrassed and asked "can I take a picture with you?" Whew. What a relief. He handed his phone to another volunteer and we posed for a picture. I'm now in this guy's iPhone as a celebrity sighting. I'm sure he'll tell all his friends how he met me and asked for a picture. Next thing you know I'll be signing autographs.

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