Thursday, July 03, 2008

Deadline Looming!

It's not looking good for my New Year's Resolution. I have just shy of six months left to accomplish my goal. I'm afraid that may be an unrealistic timeline for nuptials, considering the fact that I'm not currently in a relationship. "Fornicate in '0-8" is probably not a good goal.

But I think six months is a perfectly reasonable timeframe for my back-up plan. Of course, I've already blown the first six months so I guess it's time to bring my A-game for the next six months.

I'm not sure exactly how to do that, but it sounds good. But if any of you guys want to help me attain my goal to "Go on a date in '0-8!" please let me know.


EBay said...

You never know! Troy hadn't even asked me out yet this time last year, and we were engaged before 07 was over. I'm not giving up hope for you to meet your mate in 08!

Laurie said...

But my original goal wasn't just to meet my was...well you can figure it out from the link.