Saturday, July 05, 2008

Looking Back

Sometimes I miss the Friday Funnies. They almost always offered something to talk about. Friends would have little competitions to see who could make it on the list. Lurkers would check in faithfully every Friday to see what the latest one-liners were.

But the Friday Funnies were also a lot of work. I had to pay attention to all the banter. I actually started carrying scraps of paper around with me to write down the funny things people said. And I had to do quite a bit of finagling to protect the identities of the innocent.

Honestly, I've forgotten most of the FFs. There are a few lines that stick with me. But most of them were fleeting. The words that last the longest in our memories are usually the ones that are either the most hurtful or the most encouraging. Several people have said very encouraging things to me this week. Those words don't have to be written down for me to remember them. I store them up in my heart. I am reminded how very powerful words are in our lives. I have been blessed with encouraging words this week.

If you're still reading at this point, I encourage you to take the time to speak words of blessing to someone today. Tell someone how important they are. Remind them of their excellent qualities. Speak loving kindness to a friend or co-worker. You will be giving them a lasting and precious gift.

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