Friday, July 06, 2007

Check out my PP!

Project Patio is growing (no pun intended). I've added a water feature. My wonderful friends from my Sunday School class gave me a generous gift card to Home Depot and I was able to purchase a lovely little fountain, along with some more plants. The patio really looks quite inviting. Lately, the evenings have been cool enough to spend some time outside. I finally feel like my labor is starting to pay off. Earlier this week I actually spent an entire evening out there! I potted some plants and moved some large containers around and pruned some of them. I was dirty and sweaty and my hair was frizzed out to ginormous proportions from the humidity, but I loved every minute of it. I still don't think of myself as a gardener, though.
More like a Plant Momma.

Close-up view of the water feature

A water feature in its natural habitat


Ulovebeth said...

How do you keep the skeeters away?

It looks lovely!

Troy said...

How did you get that water feature home from the store? That thing would never fit in your car.

Dana said...

I love it! Since you cook do you grow herbs? I have tried, but had to move them inside...our squirrels apparently enjoy their acorns with basil and rosemary...

Laurie said...

The water in the fountain has too much motion for mosquitoes. They prefer standing water.

I do grow herbs. I have basil, oregano and chives. One nice thing about having a patio: no squirrels.

Guy #2 helped me.

Nancy Mon said...

Love the PP. Looks like a great place to have brunch, lunch, dinner, supper and snacks, that is in between the rain.

Nancy Mon said...

I am answering your question here instead of my blog. Yes, we are neighbors. We live on North Post Oak Ln by the church. Love Tanglwood Pharmacy. In fact, I was there on Thursday.

No wonder your patio looks familar. Over the years we have known others who have lived over that way.