Thursday, July 05, 2007

Party of Four(th)

Independence Day, 2007: The day started with several friends coming to my house for brunch. We feasted on breakfast casserole, sticky buns and pancakes (banana and blueberry). Then we sat around feeling sleek and happy and enjoyed the slow-moving pace of a drizzly holiday morning.

Most people left after an hour or two. But three friends stayed and we spent literally the entire day just hanging out: talking, eating, laughing, and enjoying our little party of four. Nothing special happened. In fact, the day was about as low-key as it could possibly get. Usually I am bustling about, getting things accomplished or running errands or simply moving from one spot to another. So yesterday was so refreshing -- to simply sit and be with friends. No agenda, no deadline, no demands or expectations. Just a quiet, cozy home filled with the comfort of familiar and beloved faces and the joy of uninterrupted conversation and fellowship.

I'm struck by the fact that I didn't do anything "patriotic" yesterday. I didn't sing the National Anthem. I didn't wear red, white and blue. I didn't wave a flag or even eat a hot dog or apple pie. But I did cherish my freedom. I did rejoice in the richness of the blessings God has given me. And I did remember that my entire life is a celebration of the Independence I have through the redemption and salvation of Jesus Christ. I love my country and am proud of my heritage as an American, but it is for eternal Freedom that Christ has set me free!

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