Monday, July 09, 2007

Plan B

You know how a lot of people have that one friend who has always been "just a friend"? It's the person that is always there for you when you need them. Always willing to spend time with you, encourage you and be your stand-in date. But you know you're never going to actually be "with" that person. There may be times when one or the other of you wants to change the relationship, but circumstances just don't seem to work out. So you end up making that person your Plan B. You know how the conversation goes: "If neither one of us is married in ten years, let's just marry each other."

I have that friend. My Plan B, if you will. Unfortunately, she's a girl. But she's pretty incredible and we've decided we'd make a great couple. There will be a lot of adjustments. I'm not sure I'm ready to live an alternative lifestyle. And taking her home to the family could be weird. But we talked about it last night and realized there are way more positives than negatives in this scenario. For example, she brought up the touchy (no pun intended) subject of sex. We'll have to go without. But I reminded her of two things: we're ALREADY going without AND all our married friends tell us it's not that great to begin with. So what could be viewed as a negative, actually turns out to be a positive. Another positive is we'll be able to meet each other's emotional needs much better than any man could do. So when I'm all weepy and needy...she'll know exactly what to do and how to respond. Whereas a man would just awkwardly pat me and tell me not to cry, all while wishing he were somewhere far, far away. Oh, and she already lives in The Montrose, so we'll be surrounded by others who are like us. It's always nice to live near other "special" couples.

So all in all, it seems like a win-win situation. Let the ten-year countdown begin.

Me and my future Honey


Ulovebeth said...

I think I already have seen this show. It was called "Laverne & Shirley."

Ulovebeth said...

Oh dear not that L&S! You can delete this post if you'd like.

Dana said...

That is hilarious! Although, I must say, I am sorry for the married friends who tell you that it's not that great...they must not be doing it right! :)

bbrown said...

Just to add to the awkwardness of this oh-so-questionable post:

How do you two feel about making it a three-some?