Monday, May 14, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Project Patio is actually starting to look pretty. My mom is all excited that I am gardening now. She has always loved to garden, so I think she feels like I am following in her footsteps. Plus, she knows a lot about plants and can teach me some mad gardening skills. It's sort of a bonding thing.

She bought me a watering can (see photo). She also gave me a lovely Boston Fern and a red bromeliad (see second photo).

See the container on the ground next to the gate? That's an entire "Laurie-themed" container garden. She picked out all the plants because they made her think of me. The plants represent my love of cooking, my faith and my girliness. So the container holds a Shrimp plant, "Grape Expectations" Coleus (which also gives nod to my love of literature), Pineapple Coleus , Wandering Jew, Angel Wing Begonia, Pink Polka-Dot plant, Blusher Coleus and Maidenhair Fern among other things.


bbrown said...

where's humberto?

Alyssa said...

That's so very fun! I'm glad it's all coming together!

Laurie said...

Bert & Ernie are in the other corner. They're drying out from a weekend of boozing it up in the thunderstorms.

Greg said...

i'm just glad you kept the name!!