Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drum Roll, Please

You know her. You love her. Please welcome bbrown to the blogging world. The blog is really great...and not just because I've already been mentioned by name in one of her entries.

She'll be signing autographs at her next public appearance.


bbrown said...

Thank you. Thank you. No, no. Please, please sit down. Thank you. Thank you, you're too kind. Thank you. Thank you.

Well, I never thought-- I never thought... I mean... a girl can only dream of this moment.

I first want to thank God. and then my fans. This reallly would never have been possible without the fans. or God.

I want to dedicate this to my great-great-great-grandmother, Pearl. I know she is up there looking down on me. I know she is smiling down from heaven right now. This ones for you, Mimi!!

I also need to specially thank all those people who make me look goood. You know who you are!

And last, I want to take this opportunity to talk to all the little girls out there. All you girls, who look up to me and think of me as your hero... All you girls who think I'm your role model... All you girls who wanna look and act and talk just like me... You keep doin what you're doin, Girl! Girl, don't let the Man keep you down! Girl, don't let those haters hate.

Finally, for all you people out there who have supported me from the start, don't think I've forgotten where I came from! I'm still a small-town girl livin in a big-time city. You little people, don't you worry. I'll still smile at you when I pass you on the street. I still got love!

O yeah, and lastly, don't forget to check out my website. Give a shout out to your girl! Leave comments and tell me how much looove you got for me.

To all my peeps out there, Peace and Love... Peace and Love.

bbrown said...
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