Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Adventures of Tom

It's time for Tom to make another appearance on my blog. He's quite the guy. There aren't many men out there who get their own blog entries on the QQ.

So here's what I learned about Tom over the course of a weekend spent in East Texas.

If I had needed him to, he could have foraged for roots and berries, killed and butchered a wild hog, built a shelter, created natural mosquito repellent and sunscreen, and rescued me out of a burning building.

As it was, all he actually had to do over the weekend was play some serious sand volleyball, wear a dress, rendezvous by the containment pond, show off a boar tusk, kill a cockroach and rescue a puppy out of a burning building.

You really should get to know Tom.


EBay said...

My first thought on reading Tom's list of abilities was that he sounds just like Locke on Lost (except I'm not aware of Tom having any special connection with "The Island"). But then I kept reading, and now I am curious about him rescuing a puppy from a burning building....

Mindy said...

Laurie- I guess it's time to come clean since Tom said you know someone from Purdue is checking your blog! :) This is his friend Mindy that visited a few months ago! I just want to reassure you that I am neither stalking you or him! ;-) People here just find it absolutely hilarious that someone has blogged about his eyelashes and I keep showing it off to them! :-) (We miss good ole Starry Eyes.) But trust me- his said ability to kill a wild boar with his bare hands will also elicit some blog viewings up here! And PS-I am extremely jealous that your friends bought you a kitchenaid mixer!!!! Thanks for keeping us posted on The Adventures of Tom!

Laurie said...

Hey Mindy!

It makes me happy that you posted! Tom told me you were "lurking" on the blog, which is totally cool, but commenting on the blog is even cooler! :)

Oh, and Starry Eyes? Wow. That is awesome. I will have to bust that one out on him next time I see him.

Email me some time and I will tell you all about Tom's Texas antics. Not everything makes it onto the blog. ;)