Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why best friends are...well...the best

Best friends are the best because...

  1. They stand up for you.
  2. They defend you against attack.
  3. They don't mind when you make fun of them.
  4. You don't mind when they make fun of you.
  5. They make you feel safe.
  6. They know what you mean to say, even when you don't say it.
  7. They push you to grow in your faith.
  8. They overlook your faults, but they don't let you get away with anything.
  9. They know all your inside jokes.
  10. They are trustworthy.
  11. They tease you and you like it.
  12. They encourage you and you appreciate it.
  13. They keep no record of wrongs.
  14. They charge you for text messages but fix everything in your house for free.
  15. They are Christ to you.


Anonymous said...

You forgot:

Because they like to stir things up on blogs and then post as Anyonymous


jhaas said...

good list.

Todd Richards said...

This is quite a list, Laurie... and I am sure you demonstrate them to many people.