Thursday, October 05, 2006


I post something intended to be funny and silly and I get 17 comments. Most of them being reactionary or angry. I post something sweet and heart-felt and I get three comments (thank you, Commenters!). So clearly I need to stick to the outrageous, over-the-top, controversial topics. That way I'll get more comments. The more comments I have on my blog, the more important I feel. So now I have to come up with a list of vitriolic topics to blog about that will generate hundreds of comments and maybe get me listed on Blogger's "Blogs of Note."

(Some of you may not know the definitions for dichotomy and vitriolic. I don't care.)

(Okay, really I do care. But I am trying to be vitriolic. I realize you don't know what that means. The important thing to remember is vitriol does not come naturally to me. I'm really having to work at it.)

(Okay, fine. It means acidic or caustic. And dichotomy means a division, usually between contradictory groups. Are you happy now? I didn't think so.)


Carissa said...

Or you could just buy some comments:

Not that you need to Miss Funny Girl!

Laurie said...

That's hilarious and brilliant! I wish I had thought of that. What a great way to make some extra cash. ;)

Anonymous said...

The post offends me


Anonymous said...

Laurie's blog is cool because it makes you think and learn and laugh and appreciate. Laurie must be cool too.

jhaas said...

wow, i used to think that blogspot was better than Xanga because you dont have to be a member to comment...but now I am thinking that the whole "must login and identify yourself to comment" is a GOOD thing. You, Larry, have "anonymous" admirers and haters. What is that about? personally, i cannot handle it. if you love me...SIGN YOUR NAME, if you dont, you certainly had better identify yourself!!!! This passive aggressive hatred is not okay.
::wink, wink::
in response to your comments... if you buy comments we will know. that is "turn-in" able offense, and frankly it is an embarrassment that you do not need to subject yourself to. You post well. dont cave to watering the message or agreeing with the masses just to get comments unless, of course, there is some monetary advantage! I could understand if there were ostentatiously... ...but it sounds like a loss and that cannot suffice.

my favorite part of the entire post... "(Some of you may not know the definitions for dichotomy and vitriolic. I don't care.)"

rofl: oh, ppl stared at me I laughed so hard! you are stinking fabulous.

James said...

Who's Larry? :)

dennis said...

I think that your readers need to step up and be confident enough to identify themselves- no more hiding behind an anonymous moniker. You're too cool to put up with that sort of rif-raf.

Anonymous said...

Good point