Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Funnies

Things that made me laugh this week:

"Scream and say you saw a roach. Maybe we'll get a free meal out of it."

"And behold, she spake unto him and said, 'alas.'"

"I could carry you across the threshold, but the construction crew might get the wrong idea."

"All these baseball players on steroids...instead of using cups, now they're using thimbles."

"Todd, you don't want a shag?"

"God's sovereignty is like a string around your neck."

"I'm like a muslim terrorist."


Jennifer said...

I have finally witnessed one of the Friday Funnies! That's sorta like making the list, right? :)

Todd Richards said...

I truly look forward to these every week...

bb said...

the fact that you make us laugh week after week with friday funnies, so much so that each of us is vying for our turn to be quoted... brilliant.

the fact that one of the funnies is a comic reaction to my ignorance... lagniappe. (gravy)

Daniel said...

Aw, I thought you were going to blog about my biceps. :(