Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let's Give 'Em Somethin' to Blog About

I fear the Summit Blog is dying. In a recent scientific survey conducted by me, I found that only 54 percent of the blogs listed in my "Friends" section were updated within the last month. Out of 44 blogs, three are dead links. Three other blogs have not been updated since May. One of the blogs has a grand total of two entries, the last one being in August. Even the most dependable bloggers would appear to be entering the death throes.

Perhaps it is time for an intervention. Maybe all of these bloggers simply need something to blog about. In an effort to help revive the blog community and do my part to promote Summit blogging, I submit the following topics for use by anyone undergoing blog-block.

  • Summit Men: Why they don't date
  • Summit Women: Why they always say "no"
  • Nehemiah as the next hot baby name
  • Destination Weddings: Colosse or College Station?
  • Rescuing a girl from a River or a Well
  • Beth Moore: Doctrine Diva
  • A scriptural dissertation proving that single men and women should never pray together
  • A vote for a Democrat = A vote for Hell
  • T-Holla: The Real Slim Shady
  • Flirting: God-style
  • Why Blogger's spellcheck doesn't know how to spell "blog"


Anonymous said...

How is it that Summit women always say no if the Summit men rarely if ever ask them out?

Anonymous said...

beth moore: doctrine diva
--'diva': italian, literally, goddess; from latin, feminine of 'divus', divine, god. (1) a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality; (2) especially: a popular female singer --webster.com
--i think that if mrs. moore is a 'doctrine diva', her doctrine is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

i will start accepting applications this sunday...summit man.

please include a contact number and 3 character references.

Anonymous said...

That must be what's going on...I didn't realize it. However, I thought quite a few Summit women had a beef with Summit men who didn't have the balls to ask a women in person. Applications... that's lame.

devil's advocate said...

Just a thought: Are the Summit women wanting someone to ask them out just for the sport of it? I mean, would you want to go on a date with someone you had nothing in common with just because it's something to do with your Friday/Saturday night, and you'd have something to share with your girlfriends? Two words: Sha-LOW.

Anonymous said...

Two words...shallow is one word. I think you're stereotyping Summit women under shallow and that is offensive. I know from speaking to many women in Summit it's not about just having a date for a filler on the weekends. It definitely leans more towards meaningful than shallow. You must have been burned. That's a shame.

Anonymous said...

It's gettin' hot in here... maybe it's just pent up sexual frustration.

dovie said...

What's with all the anonymous comments?

Great post Laurie! A few preliminary thoughts...

I think Nehemiah has a decent chance...I mean, more than Barnabus (even though Piper has given the name to one of his sons - it was either that one or some other obscure Biblical B name, but you get the idea).

It drives me NUTS that Blogger's spellcheck doesn't already know how to spell "blog". That is just...well...oxymoronic (or something similar).

I'll ponder the rest and might be taking your list of prompts as new blog entries in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to call people out and have a take, sign your name to it.


Todd Richards said...

Anonymous men and women... get over it.

Laurie... great idea. I will add your list to my mental list and start blogging directly... well, tomorrow, maybe. :-)

Erin said...

definitely college station! or even better, Bryan! :) heck, it's what i'm doing!

p.s. i saw a roach the other night on my floor (albeit ONE) and about died. seriously - i screamed over one roach. led me to ponder how you how you've dealt with multiple roaches over multiple days and weeks. kudos to you for maintaining your sanity. hope they're gone now.

James said...

Guys, what are you waiting for?

Girls, is the better question: "Why hasn't God brought guys into Summit that I want to have ask me out?" I've met more and more girls recently who admit to this...

Troy said...

Items that we need to understand to properly interpret Laurie's blog topic suggestions:
Stereotypes - what they are and how they are developed

If anyone should be offended, hurt, outraged, etc by this post, it should be me. My blog was called out for being neglected. Three things on the blog topic list apply directly to me - one of these even equates me to Eminem.

For the record, I am not offended, hurt, outraged, etc. Actually, for the record, I enjoyed this post. Laurie, I enjoy (and understand) your sense of humor. Please continue to items like this. You might consider, however, changing your blog so that only people with accounts can post comments.

erin vanv said...

I'd like to hear the one on flirting... I think a blog a long time ago promised lessons on flirting and I'm still waiting for the tips!

Here's something funny I thought Laurie might connect with -



Arshunda said...

Wow...quite the bee's nest that's been stirred up. Words like "shallow", "shal-LOW", and "get over it"...can't we all just get along? A little bit of comedy gone waaay wrong.

Shanna said...

For the love of all things Holy! Stop the madness.

Todd Richards said...

I am hereby asking out all women in Summit... I will take any of you on a date.

(Please see Troy's comment above and apply all themes listed therein to this comment)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dennis said...

Maybe I shouldn't (b/c only Laurie will read it because it is an older post), but the precedent was set and has been approved in that paradigm-shattering film: So I Married an Axe-Murderer with the following line that seems rather appropriate here:

Charlie: I think I'm dating Mrs. X.
Tony: Two words- therapy.

Perhaps my favorite line in the film.

And what's with all the anonymous comments? It isn't like anyone said anything that they should be ashamed of claiming. They (or perhaps one person wrote all the comments- a virtual schizophrenic conversation) just seem scared- like maybe one wanted to comment but didn't want to screw up his chances (or hers) of getting a date from someone who might be reading the comments...

jhaas said...

wow! how did i miss this post?!
haha. what a riot you started! (ps. good for you, honey. & pps, i thought the post was flippin funny; your humor is truly hilarious, just the right mix)

& I am not in Summit, but I would like to officially take Todd Richards up on that offer!

haha. i love you.