Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hi. Me again.

Just when I think I have nothing left to say...a random bunch of bloggable items comes to mind.

Last week I saw a woman jogging in the park...wearing a bikini.

I was amused by the following phone conversation with a guy.
Me: Hey, what's going on?
Guy: I'm holding a small, flowered bag. Inside the bag is pain reliever, a hairbrush and something called "Burt's Bees."
Me: That's mine.
Guy: I thought so. I already checked with my roommate and he said it wasn't his.

I just had a serious conversation with one of our classical music announcers about the musical and production merits of JT's FutureSex/LoveSounds album.

We have a new intern in the newsroom. He's 17 and absolutely adorable. He walked up to my desk yesterday, slid a piece of paper toward me and said in a near-whisper "I just finished my first story. How should I end it?" My immediate thought was "if you just finished your story shouldn't it already have an ending?" I didn't say that out loud.

A friend of mine is trying to decide what to wear to her high school reunion. The invitation says dressy casual. Isn't that an oxymoron? Seriously, what exactly is dressy casual?

There are only five days left until my date!


EBay said...

My HS reunion was "dressy casual" and I had the same dilemma. I ended up wearing some hip jeans (i.e., not the baggies you wear around the house), and a tailored blazer-type jacket that has sequins on it over a pink lacy cami. And of course no outfit is complete without the shoes - I wore my "Barbie shoes" which are some pink flippy little heels (how's that for a description?). Laura Bell said she has a crush on my feet when I wear them. :-) Anyway, the point is, that outfit ended up fitting in perfectly with what everyone else was wearing.

Troy said...

I went to a rehearsal dinner once that was billed as "business casual." That phrase means entirely different things to IT professionals (me) and doctors and lawyers (everyone else at the party). It was the most ostentatious event I have ever been to.

jhaas said...

date?! what? who?