Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Glued to the Screen

There is one thing that will draw people to the tube like no other. One thing that holds everyone spellbound around the tv, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. One thing that has the power to promote world peace through the unifying properties of mesmerizing images. I speak of the car chase.

It is a beautiful thing, the car chase. No one can resist the allure. No one can refuse to take part in the great human tragedy played out before our very eyes. There is no turning away. There is no changing of channels. There is no walking back to one's desk and waiting until later to find out what happened. Oh no. The car chase reigns supreme.

Thank you Mr. Fugitive Man, for making this day the Day of the Car Chase. We salute you.


Jason said...

I know what you mean, fun to watch. Try being in one. A little different perspective.

Laurie said...

Jason you're so right. I believe I remember reading on your blog that you are a police officer, so I'm sure you know firsthand how dangerous a car chase can be. I don't mean to make light of the risk and deaths that occur. It just amused me to see what happened here at my office yesterday when a car chase came on TV. All work came to a complete halt for a good 30 minutes while we stared at the screen.

Jason said...

Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Some of my co-workers were watching it on a TV also. I was driving down 59 listening to it on the sheriff's channel. One thing the news hasn't touched on, that this chase was originally a sheriff's dept. chase, not HPD, however they are getting most of the press for it.