Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You can't judge a book by its Facebook profile

Dating is tricky. Sometimes people seem like the perfect candidate on paper, but in reality they are far from what you're looking for. I recently was reminded of this when someone asked me out for coffee. The little I knew about him from his Facebook page indicated he was an interesting and intelligent person with many common interests. I agreed to a coffee date and in the meantime we exchanged a few emails and instant message conversations.

As the coffee date approached, he IM'd me to make more definite plans. In the course of that conversation, the whole thing fell apart. I faithfully recreate the conversation below for your pleasure/horror.

Coffee Guy: There's some sort of chemical smell in my apartment. I'll be right back. Gonna go check this out.
Me: Ok


Coffee Guy: I'm back. The idiot mexicans working upstairs on the flooring had put chemicals down and left the AC on in the entire building. I switched it off.

Me: you often use phrases like "idiot mexicans"?

Coffee Guy: well I can't call them chinese

Me: what if they're guatemalan? or el salvadorean? what does their nationality have to do with it?

Coffee Guy: they're all beaners to me

Me: please tell me you're joking

Coffee Guy: nope

Me: ah. well in that case, I'm going to have to cancel our plans for coffee. have a nice day

And people wonder why I'm still single...

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