Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holy Blog Delay, Batman!

How has it been ten days since I last blogged??! I swear I thought I posted at least a couple times last week. Methinks the squirrel in my brain-wheel is running slower these days.

And it's not even for lack of material that this blog has gone silent. Perhaps it's more like lack of time.

On Monday, as I was driving to work, I got in a minor car accident. I was stopped at a stop sign, waiting for the other cars to go through the intersection. All of a sudden, BAM! A guy in a huge pickup truck slammed into my car from behind. I still don't fully know how it happened. I mean I was at a complete and total stop. He had to have seen me in front of him. But apparently he was looking down at his phone and didn't realize he needed to put the brakes on.

Fortunately, the damage to my car wasn't too bad. Just a dent in the rear bumper. Unfortunately, my cup of coffee that had been sitting in the cup holder splashed all over the interior of my car. Adding insult to injury, coffee also spilled inside my very favorite handbag! I think I might be more upset about that than about the car.

Needless to say, Monday was stressful. And things didn't get much better at work. That is, until the mayor called. Yes, that mayor. As in the mayor of the city of Houston. I answered the phone and she said "This is Mayor Annise Parker, may I speak to Laurie?" "Hello, Mayor! This is Laurie," I said. "How are you doing, Mayor?"

"Oh, I'm fine," she replied. "But I should be asking how YOU are doing...I heard you got in a bit of an accident today. Are you okay?"

Let me just say that I never in my life imagined a scenario in which the mayor of Houston would be chit chatting with me about the minor tribulations of my day.


Megan Bennett said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your wreck. Hope you weren't hurt.....and hope the handbag recovers from it's hurt quickly! Cool about the mayor. Must be nice to be so famous that even the MAYOR knows you! Don't forget us little people! Love ya!!

Melissa said...

I smell another story about texting while driving!! I hear Wendy is already on it.

PS--I'm sorry you had to deal with all this! Great to hear that you weren't hurt and that the damage to your car is minimal...