Friday, March 11, 2011

Bieber Fever

Last weekend I went to the beach for a girls' weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. Our group ranged in age from 60 (the birthday girl!) down to seven (a friend's granddaughter). This was my first time to meet the little girl and it turns out she developed quite the girl-crush on me.
Everywhere we went, she would walk or sit next to me, never leaving my side. She kept up a running chatter about everything that popped into her head...I can totally see her being my next intern at the radio station. ;)
We spent a lot of time in the pool and hot tub together...just having girl talk...with a seven-year-old.

Let me just point out how difficult it is to take a self-portrait with a touch-screen phone in a hot tub. Not. Easy.

The conversation between us went something along these lines most of the time...
Me: "So what's your favorite thing at school?"
Alli: "Second grade is my favorite and I don't ever want to leave it but most of my friends are in first grade because they're nicer than my friends in second grade and my best friend Kenedy plays with me even though her friend doesn't want her to oh and there's a boy in my class who likes me and tries to talk to me all the time but I don't like him. I like all the other boys in my class...I don't know why...I just can't help it." Deep sigh.
Me: (trying not to laugh) "You like all of them? Do you have a favorite?"
Alli: "Well Justin Bieber is my favorite. I want him to be my boyfriend and then we can grow up and get married. But Selena Gomez is his girlfriend. I hate her. I like her show, it's good. But I don't like seeing her. I want to hit her sometimes. One time I had a dream that I was at Justin Bieber's concert and I got to go backstage and meet him and then he kissed me and I fainted. I didn't tell my mom and dad about that dream."
I wouldn't either, Alli. I wouldn't either.

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Megan Bennett said...

I love it! Those are really good pics of you! Was she jealous that Justin is your favorite too? ha