Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Do I Know You? (Said in Steve Martin voice)

Last night I called into my local Chinese restaurant to pick up some soup to go (shout out to hot and sour soup!). When I walked in, another customer was waiting for his to-go order as well. He joked with me to shut the door quickly and I smiled and acknowledged how cold it was outside. That was my first mistake. Apparently my smile and response was enough to make him treat me as though we were buddies who had known each other many moons.

He looked at me, winked at the hostess and remarked on my hair and glasses, noting they were the same color. Then he proceeded to comment on my wardrobe, noting the embroidered flowers on my gloves, the type of shoes I was wearing and the logo on my purse. He actually touched my person (which is a bit like touching my person, for the record) and said "MK...what does that mean?" I told him it was a designer and then turned around and studied the various ads and notes tacked to the wall behind me.

He kept up a running commentary the entire time, trying to get my attention and force conversation. I responded as minimally as I could. Our food came out at the same time and he walked out of the restaurant right behind me. As I walked to my car, he exclaimed "Oh look at that. You drive a Mini. A red one, too! I guess there's a theme going on here."

I silently got in my car and waited for him to exit the parking lot before driving home myself. I don't think he was a creep...more likely just someone who doesn't understand inappropriate familiarity. But it really boggles me how men can be that clueless about social interaction with women. I mean, don't they realize how uncomfortable that makes us and how vulnerable we feel when a total stranger invades our physical and psychological space?

I swear, I attract the weirdos.

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Anonymous said...

I always said the same thing. I had the guy working the drive through at Taco Cabana try to ask me out one night several years ago. I didn't think he was going to give me the order I had paid for but I didn't give in.