Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The End of the Story (I hope)

Sorry for keeping you all in suspense on the status of my car-drama. I moved over the weekend (another reason the car nightmare was horribly timed) and don't yet have access to the internet at my new casa (more to come on the house in a future post).

The dealership did, in fact, deliver my car to me on Thursday evening. I received no further communication from them until I emailed the head manager of the entire dealership to tell him about the horrible customer service I received at his business. I pasted my entire blog entries into the email and told him I would never do business with his company again.

Here's his response, which I will post without adding any commentary of my own. Draw your own conclusions.

"Mrs. Johnson,

My apologies for the service you received at Momentum Mini. In most instances such as these I am informed by our clients so that I may have an opportunity to assist in the service however you did not allow me that courtesy. I find it very disheartening that you will be posting and blogging about one single incident here at our location which is hardly fair I believe. We service over 200 vehicles a day and have a great reputation in our service department which is reflected in our customer satisfaction surveys. However we regret that you will be taking your Mini to other locations for service, the other two locations are great facilities.


Monty Meave
Dealer Operator
Momentum BMW/Mini


leslie said...

I'll draw some conclusions! Totally didn't seem like he cared...sad

Jonathan said...

Wow, whatever happened to the simple dictum, "The customer is always right?" Man, I'm sorry you had to experience this, I would recommend, if you haven't done so already, to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Any smart business man, recognizing who you work for, should be especially sensitive to your situation, lol.

Troy said...

When I was car shopping, I walked in to Momentum Volkswagen. There was a group of sales folks loitering around the counter. I meandered around the showroom for a few minutes. No one approached me at all. When I went over to ask about a car, they looked annoyed. They called someone from down the hall who, a few minutes later, came out to ask me what I wanted. By that time, the answer was "nothing."

Different dealership, same name, same regard for customers.

Anonymous said...

File a BBB complaint.

You allowed him every opportunity, indirectly.

Its not your fault the people he has in place to make sure that what happened to you doesn't happen were completely incompetent.