Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fair or Foul?

I frequently store snacks in the office fridge -- things like carrots, hummus, grapes etc. Last week, I put a package of Jello pudding cups in there. That was my first mistake. Never put something in the company fridge that someone else might want to snack on. Fruits and vegetables are usually safe (although I did have some carrots stolen once) and hummus is the safest of all (no one is tempted to dip into someone else's beige paste-like goo). But pudding cups...well...that's a different story. Despite the fact that they were sugar-free and low-calorie, they proved to be too much of a temptation for someone.

So I wasn't terribly surprised when one was missing from the package yesterday. I was surprised, however, to find a dollar bill tucked into the package in place of the missing pudding cup.

Apparently at least one office thief has a guilty conscience.

So what say you? Is it fair to swipe someone's pudding cup as long as you leave compensation? Or is it foul to take what isn't yours and just throw money at the problem?


Troy said...

"To take what isn't yours and just throw money at the problem" - Isn't this the current iteration of the American Way? I say you test things out and see what price point the market will bear. Post a note on the case saying "$2/cup."

Katy said...

Foul! That makes me fighin' mad! Look, pudding is what you wanted--not something from the vending machine for a dollar. It's the office fridge, not a grocery store. I agree with Troy--this situation is typical these days--people thinking they are entitled to others' stuff. What an insult too because that pudding cup might have been worth more to you than a dollar, but the puddin' thief didn't care about you at all. I'm seriously upset about this for you!

Anonymous said...

Leave a pack in there labeled "Free Pudding" but lace it with ex-lax.

Josh said...

foul!!! unless you charge or they pay airport prices or ballpark prices...then you go shop at anthropologie