Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Dating Game

I'm thinking about writing a blog series on dating. I'd be writing from a single girl's perspective, which means most of my experience is of the DON'T DO THIS variety. A lot of my advice is for guys because, let's face it, you guys are kinda running the show a lot of the time (even when the show seems to be cancelled or taking a long hiatus).

My only concerns are people getting ticked off or having their feelings hurt. Most of my readers are single, so it's an issue that is near and dear to our hearts. Because it's a sensitive subject, I don't want people to get their panties in a wad if my opinions don't exactly jive with theirs. And I'd want folks to remember these are, in fact, my OPINIONS. It's not the dating gospel, just the dating suggestion box.

So, what do QQ readers think? Can you handle it? Are you ok if some feathers get ruffled? Will you agree not to take anything I say TOO seriously, but to give it consideration and thought? Will you pledge to forward my dating series to "repeat dating offenders"? Ok, you don't have to pledge to do that...but at least you have the option. Consider it my gift to all you passive-aggressive types out there who want to seize the opportunity.



Carissa said...

I know I'm not who you're wanting to hear from since my status isn't single, but I would personally love to read your dating dos and don'ts . . . especially if they include more humorous stories of awkward guys "making their moves"! :) Hee hee!

Megan Bennett said...

I too am not your target audience, but I think as long as you try to still honor your brothers in Christ as well still try to glorify God in your list.....go for it! We could all use a little humor in our lives!

Mimi said...

Target audience says: Yes, please! :0)

Mimi said...
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