Thursday, June 18, 2009

He Said, She Said

Me: "You know sometimes you're not very nice to me."

Him: "What are you talking about? I say positive things to you all the time."

Me: "Yesterday you told me I looked like the mayor's wife."

Him: "That was a compliment! The dress you were wearing was so cool! You looked you could be a mayor's wife."

Me: "Oh. (long pause as I mull this over) Well next time could you just say 'I like that dress. You look nice'...?"

Sometimes men and women just don't understand each other.

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O.M.G. said...

oh, my gosh! men need SOOOOO much schooling when it comes to how to talk & relate to a woman. why isn't that a required college course?? believe me, almost daily i have to teach my husband what i need to hear him say. it's a constant work in progress!