Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thoughts from City Hall

Wednesday is Starbucks day. I only allow myself one Starbucks visit per week, and what better way to get myself through city council meetings? This morning I ordered a grande non-fat, no-whip mocha. They put whipped cream on it. What's a girl gonna do...?

Every week I walk into city hall and the police officer sitting at the security desk says "Good morning, Pretty Lady" as I walk by. He wasn't there this morning. I missed my morning compliment.

I sit at the media table along with the other reporters. There's one wacky photographer who always has the craziest clothes on and makes wildly inappropriate comments. A little while ago he loudly burped. I glanced over at him and happened to see his wallpaper on his laptop...of a woman in a skimpy dress booty-dancing...and I do mean booty-dancing.


gL said...

I was standing in line behind a scrawny 65 year old biker guy with scraggly hair in a ponytail, glasses, and tats of fully naked women on each arm.... I understand your pain...

O.M.G. said...

girl, i am so glad you keep this blog. i love your life!