Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I didn't know Armageddon was coming. I came to the office yesterday wearing a light dress and heels and it never even entered my red-head to carry in an umbrella.

When I got off work at 7pm, the deluge had already started. Fortunately I had a t-shirt with me which I put on over dress and peered out the neck opening. I ran through the pouring rain, trying desperately not to wipe out as I dashed through the puddles in my high heels.

I landed in my car, breathless and drenched.

The rain eased up a bit and I headed out to meet a friend for a previously planned dinner at Lupe's. I wasn't sure if I could get there, or if she would be able to make it, but figured I'd give it a shot.

I made it to restaurant, bedraggled and cold. We had dinner.
Then the power went out.

We all sat in the dark restaurant for about 15 minutes or so...we didn't have enough cash to pay our bill and couldn't leave until the credit card machines were back online.

Eventually, the power came back on, the rain stopped, we paid our bill and I made it home in one piece. Chilled, wet and slightly worse for wear, but with one more adventure under my belt.

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