Monday, March 16, 2009

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

It's amazing how many people I hear from when I stop blogging for a while. None of you comment on the blog when things are going strong and you're getting plenty of material. But I take one measly week of vacation and suddenly people are clamoring for some QQ love!

Well it's nice to know I was missed. And the fact that David Skipper commented on my blog launches the QQ to new heights.

I wish I had some really great stories for you. I spent the past week being a bum. I slept in nearly every day. I read, watched TV, went to a couple museums, hung out with friends, stayed up until all hours of the night on FB, ate crawfish, laughed, cried, and marveled at God's goodness and infinite mercy.

I know you're all hoping for something funny or scandalous. I'll try to do better tomorrow. For now, it'll have to be enough that I'm back.


1 comment:

Nancy Mon said...

welcome home! I missed you.