Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick...and Happy

I'm sick. Sick enough that my boss actually looked at me yesterday and said "don't come in to work tomorrow."

So I'm here at home. Tried to get an appointment with my doctor, but they don't have any openings until tomorrow afternoon.

So here I sit, in bed in my jammies, spending way too much time on Facebook.

All of a sudden, my doorbell rings. Who in the world could that be? Awww man, I look like death warmed over right now.

I clump downstairs, open the door and see Jeanine smiling on my doorstep, holding out a steaming container of homemade chicken soup.

"I heard you were sick," she said, beaming at me.

Then she got in her car, waved a little wave and drove away...leaving a delicious elixir of physical and emotional sunshine behind.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I'm sorry you're sick but happy you have such a wonderful friend! (and truly, Jeanine is a wonderful person!) :)