Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Sad Tale

My roommate recently took a vacation to Puerto Rico. She brought back a gift of coffee for me. A couple days ago, I decided to try the new coffee. I was a little disappointed. It had an odd flavor that I couldn't quite identify.

I tried it again the next day, thinking perhaps my taste buds were just "off." Nope. Still tasted weird. So yesterday I switched back to my old standby. I made a pot of coffee at 4am, poured it into my thermos, added cream and splenda and headed out the door on my merry way. I was a few blocks down the road when I took my first sip. What the?! That weird funky taste had invaded my old coffee beans too! That's when the truth dawned on me.

The cream had turned.

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Troy said...


How could this happen? Especially in your kitchen?