Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hands Off!

Every week we reporters show up at City Hall, settle into our usual desks, pull out our laptops and prepare to be bored out of our minds for the next three to four hours.

Occasionally one of the councilmembers will break the monotony by making a joke or ribbing the media. Last week one of the councilmembers had a joke going about her home-grown watermelons.

Well this week we showed up and there was a small watermelon at my seat, accompanied by a note saying it was from the councilmember. I smiled and set it aside for my Chronicle colleague, whom I knew it was actually intended for.

But apparently I don't look trustworthy enough. A few moments later the councilmember
herself came over to my desk and pointed out that the watermelon is not for me, but for the Chron reporter and wanted to make sure I was aware of that.

Several sassy replies came to mind, but I respectfully assured her that I was not going to take her watermelon. Of course after she walked away, I desperately wanted to slice into that watermelon. But that would be rude.

1 comment:

Troy said...

It is always a good rule of thumb not to mess with someone else's melons.