Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I should apply at National Geographic

I spent a rather boring morning covering county government. Then I came back to the station for an only slightly less boring staff meeting. Then we all returned to our desks and were greeted by this guy.

Almost the entire staff gathered around the window, ooohing and ahhhing. Mr. Hawk just sat there for a good 5 minutes, while we all chattered and snapped pictures and generally made much of him. We're not sure whether he could see us or not, but we were making so much noise that I'm sure he could hear us.
For those of you who are veteran readers of the QQ, I'm sure you remember this isn't the first time I've been called in for duty as a wildlife photojournalist.

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BeccaSue said...

That is so awesome! I wish I could have seen him. I wonder why he was hanging out there...