Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Premonitions

I ran some errands last night. I needed a new pair of black heels for work. I also needed a new bra. Normally I would shop for these items at a department store or a specialty store. But I was in a hurry and somewhat broke, so I went to Target. While I was browsing through the lingerie section, carrying an assortment of bras, I thought "I sure hope I don't run into anyone I know."

You see what's coming next, don't ya?

Sure enough, I turned the corner and there was a girl I am slightly acquainted with.
At least it wasn't a guy.
I pretended I didn't see her and kept on walking.


gL said...

as much as ya'll hate it most guys will avoid walking near the section detouring half way around the store sometimes

Alyssa said...


tee hee


Ulovebeth said...

that's a good place to shop for that: 9.99 compared to 37.99 at VS. Go figure.
Go, figure!

Todd Richards said...

These situations NEVER happen to men. Never. First, we never "need a new pair of shoes." And if someone saw me buying a triple pack of boxer briefs... it would not be a big deal for anyone. I love being a man.

But, of course, I love that women wear nice shoes... and bras.

leslie said...

this may be tmi, but i think target's brands last longer than VS, at least that's been my experience :-)