Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laurie Johnson is calling

I got a real ego boost today. A friend of mine works in the Texas Medical Center as a public information officer. For those of you not familiar with the lingo, that means her job is to make sure the right information about the organization is distributed to the public. A big part of her job is dealing with the media and responding to requests for information, interviews etc.

Every so often all the PIOs in the Texas Medical Center get together and perform disaster preparedness drills. They make up different emergency scenarios and then go through the response steps.

They had one of those drills this week. They were responding to a mock emergency and part of the scenario (I kid you not) was "Reporter Laurie Johnson is calling, asking for information and an update on this emergency. What are you going to tell her?"

That's right. I was used as an example in the TMC disaster preparedness drill. Of all the reporters in the city, they picked me.
I have arrived.

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