Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Feedback Requested

I need to think of some sort of recurring feature I can put on the blog on Wednesdays.
You see, Wednesdays are the days that I cover City Council. Which means Wednesdays are the days that my brain goes numb and I experience a dull pulsing sensation behind my eyes. These symptoms are coupled with long bouts of inactivity followed by frantic writing and recording of stories on a tight deadline. By 4:30pm, my story is done...and I am exhausted.

Which leads me back to my original point. I need some recurring blog material for Wednesdays. Any suggestions for something you'd like to see featured here on the QQ on a weekly basis?


Ulovebeth said...

Cutest pet picture day?

Favorite recipe day?

Picture of your shoes? (I still think about the time you had on the witch shoes)

Boy of the week?

Vocab word of the day?

Wacky Wednesday?

Wednesday Wisdom?

Wednesday What-ifs?

Sorry, I used to do brainstorming exercises too much as a child.

Ulovebeth said...

Oh! When I was in gifted as a kid, we had this magazine w/ pics of items that was super zoomed and you had to guess what the item was.

I loved that.

Jennifer said...

Wednesday Wacky happenings? (Friday Funnies in disguise? Huh? No......)

Shanna said...

I'm all for a gossip column, Gossip Girl style. I can see it now: Wednesday's Whispers...

"Spotted: One Paradigm boy and one River girl at Amazon sittting awfully close. The beginning of a new relationship...or just a shortage of plantains?

Word on the street: Someone's given up on low-rise jeans. Gawkers saw this former fashion goddess at Cafe Express sporting none other than high waist pants. Cutting edge or cutting room floor?"

It would be SO great!

Mindy said...

you could feature blog entry of the week from your other friends blogs :-)

but i like the other ideas a lot more! :)

Phil said...

There must be something funny that is said at every city council meeting. Maybe some council member always does something peculiar Find the humor.
I like ulovebeth's idea of Wacky Wednesday.