Monday, September 17, 2007

Do Not Pass Go

This story is not mine, it's actually my roommate's. I asked her permission to tell the story on my blog. I think you will appreciate it.

My roomie had lunch plans with a friend of hers on Saturday. Her friend was going to come over to our house around 12:30, eat lunch and spend some time catching up. Well 12:30 rolls around and no one shows up. My roomie assumes her friend is just running late, so she continues to wait patiently. Half an hour later, still no friend. So she calls...and gets voicemail. Hours go by and there's no word or communication from her friend. She is worried. Could there have been an accident? A hospitalization? It's uncharacteristic of her friend to be a no-show...and even more uncharacteristic to not hear anything. The whole day passes and my roomie is unable to get in touch with her friend or find out what is going on.

Late that night she gets a phone call from her friend. She missed the call. When she listened to the message, there was an explanation of what had happened to her friend...but much was still unclear. Here's how the message went:

"Hi, LL. I'm sorry I didn't call earlier...I just got out of jail. I'm ok. I'll talk to you soon."

The End.


OB said...

Oh... well... as long as the friend got out of jail!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was me. I would have left a longer message but I was a little tired : )

Incidentally, if you ever want to do a report on the incredible inefficiency of our criminal justice system, I'd be happy to be interviewed : )