Friday, August 03, 2007


I had the craziest dream last night. I was in a sci-fi movie. Picture it as a sort of cross between The Fifth Element and The Lord of the Rings. My co-stars were Luke and Owen Wilson, Chris Rock, Cate Blanchett and Anthony Hopkins.

I only remember a few details from the dream: Cate Blanchett was in the hospital and Owen Wilson was her servant; Chris Rock was attacked by an alien substance that stuck to his face and blinded him; Anthony Hopkins was the bad guy; Luke Wilson joined me on a trek across a desert.

I promise I haven't been abusing any type of controlled substances.


EBay said...

At least you got to go on a trek across the desert with the hottest co-star... :-)

Mindy said...

i wish i had fun dreams like that!!! That's quite a list of co-stars...that would mostly likely cost millions of dollars to produce that dream! You're a million dollar dreamer!!! Mine are usually more the ten-cent variety.