Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She puzzed and she puzzed til her puzzler was sore

A friend recently complained about a lack of entertaining content on the QQ. I wanted to make many sarcastic comments in reply. But I refrained and took the criticism as it was intended: a compliment upon the standard of "excellence" on this blog and a concern over the implication that I may be losing my passion for the medium.

Fear not, gentle readers! I still love maintaining the QQ and I have no intentions of leaving the blogosphere any time soon. The problem lately is one of perspective. I have to balance that which my audience will find entertaining with that which is appropriate to share in the public domain. This can be tricky. Furthermore, there just aren't that many funny or entertaining things happening to me of late. I seem to be in a dull season of life. The most exciting thing that has happened to me today is that I balanced my checkbook. Important, yes. Blog-worthy, no.

I've been brain-storming different things I could blog about. One thing that comes to mind is my on-again/off-again relationship with Guy #1. He's been in and out of the picture for weeks now. But no one wants to be bored by the petty details of my love life, or lack thereof.

I could blog about my new abode. But the excitement of installing a thermostat pales in comparison to the former thrills and chills of the hellhole.

I could blog about my travels, but I haven't had any.

I could blog about Tom, but he's been in Korea and hasn't had any new adventures for me to chronicle.

I could blog about creepy stalker guys, but they've abandoned me.

I could blog about the PP, but I've been too busy lately to make any progress on it.

Or I could blog about pretty much nothing, and turn it into a fairly long blog entry. Hmmm. Brilliant.


EBay said...


Abby said...

You are truly an artist. And how can someone complain about entertainment value after your last blog? If I could give that ring to my dad with a straight face then I would LOVE to see his reaction :)

gL said...

wow... there were 6 statements that made absolutely no sense unless you read this blog all the time... which I do. Thanks for all the fun times.

Guy #2 said...

I'll give you something to blog about.