Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Complimentary Parking

I had lunch with a hot guy today. Ladies, he's available. Let me know if you want his number. Or better yet, let me know if you want me to give him your number.

But back to my point.

There was a cute shiny car parked next to ours and he accidentally dinged the door. Upon which he informed me he had a compliment for me and a large group of women (which is better than having a compliment for me and a group of large women, but again I digress).

He said dinging the car reminded him of something God was asking him to submit himself to. Which in turn reminded him of something he appreciates about me and many other women he knows. He said it's very pleasant, exciting and attractive to see Christian women who allow and even encourage the men around them to take the lead. He noted how difficult it can be to submit to God's will and acknowledged how it must be difficult for women to submit, not only to God, but to the men of the Church as well. He expressed gratitude and appreciation for the women who so willingly submit to, follow and serve with the men around them.

Then he said I could feel free to let other women know how much men appreciate these qualities.

He also said I should make him look really good when I blogged about him.


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how do submission and car dings correlate?