Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Song

Baby, see how I've been living-
velvet curtains on the windows too
keep the bright and unforgiving
light from shining through.
Baby, I remember all the things we did
when we slept together in the blue behind your eyelids.
Baby, sweet baby

Chased your scent through the gloom
until I found these purple flowers.
I was spent. I was soon
smelling you for hours.
Lavendar, lotus blossoms too,
water the dirt -- flowers last for you.
Baby, sweet baby

Tangerines and persimmons and sugar cane,
grapes and honeydew melons, enough fit for a queen.
Lemon trees don't make a sound
til the branches bend and fruit falls to the ground.
Baby, sweet baby

Come to my world and witness
the way things have changed.
'Cause I finally did it, Baby,
I got out of La Grange.
Got in my Mercury and drove out west,
pedal to the metal and my luck to the test.
Baby, sweet baby

I've been trying to enjoy all the fruits of my labor.
I've been crying for you, boy, but truth is my savior
Baby, sweet baby if it's all the same,
take the glory any day over the fame
Baby, sweet baby

~Lucinda Williams


Todd Richards said...

I love this song, Laurie... I included it on my Top 12 Songs You've Never Heard cd that I gave to a mutual lurker friend of ours. She didn't like it. Her taste is lacking. ;-)

Laurie said...

I am so with you...this song is great. A big part of what makes it great is how Lucinda sings it. Her vocal style just does amazing things to music. I am disappointed that our mutual lurker friend didn't like the song. What can you expect from those ethnic types? ;)