Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday Song (Belated)

Please don't do what I say,
cause if you don't love me,
it's worthless anyway.
Please don't trouble yourself,
you'll only go away in the end.

Please don't follow all my commands
cause what's the point in that.
I keep hoping that all of your plans
will fall through the roof.

Like two ships passing in the night, we're gone.
Only the moon and the stars in the sky
did know to cry for me as I sailed on.

Please don't trouble yourself.
I only want your love,
you keep giving me your help.
Please stop playing along.
You know you're wasting your energy
and you're breaking my heart.

Oh I can just see it now-
you're recklessly in love,
your heart's boiling over.
I can just see it now-
you're coming around.

~Landon Pigg

1 comment:

jhaas said...

I love your new profile pic! you are lovely.
miss you madly!