Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making Music

I am so excited to have Guest Music Critic Eye Doctor Justin sharing his review with us today. Hopefully this will become a semi-regular feature on the QQ. Enjoy!

Album of Note: Turn Around by Jonny Lang

Every once in awhile there is an album that comes along that impacts me on so much more than simply a musical level. For me, Turn Around is that album.

Jonny Lang (yes, that's right... there isn't any "h") has been making music for almost ten years now. What makes that so amazing is that he is my age... 25. When I was a freshman in high school Jonny released his first album, Lie to Me, and in the 10 years since then he has meticulously developed himself into a brilliant blues guitarist/singer/songwriter. In all honesty, Jonny Lang is the blues artist that I have been looking for. Many of his fellow singer/songwriters ( i.e. Mard Broussard) would do well to pay close attention to the way that Jonny goes about his art.

The first album of his that I was exposed to was Long Time Coming, but he was not truly on my radar screen until last week when I downloaded his new album Turn Around. On the surface, this album is a cool fusion of blues and gospel, but then I read this interview, and Turn Around completely came alive.

Amazing. Turn Around is Jonny Lang living out the reality of his life while producing the best blues album out right now. If you do nothing else, do yourself a favor and download "Only a Man", but the whole album is well worth your $9.99.


Ulovebeth said...

I wish Eye Doctor Justin would give his blog CPR. After the other funny Justin stopped blogging, too, we are seriously missing Justins.
I will try to appreciate Jonny Lang's music for what it is and not focus on the fact he is cute to be the reason why or why not I like his music (and become his fan club president).

Eye Doctor Justin said...

Someone once told me that I look like Jonny Lang... so, I guess that means that Beth thinks I'm hot.

Shanna said...

I bet he is better than Jack Johnson.

Ulovebeth said...

Eye Doctor Justin, I do not rate men as "hot", at least not on the blog, so you and Jonny will have to settle with being cute.

Can anybody be better than Jack Johnson?