Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Date

I know all of you have been waiting to find out how "the date" went. I didn't want to blog about it yesterday. It was all too fresh and new. Now that I've had time to process it, I am ready to fill you in. The following is a rundown of Tuesday.

4:00: Leave the office early to go home and get ready.

4:30: Stop at the drugstore to buy shaving cream. Must make sure legs are extra smooth.

5:00: Jeanine comes over so we can get ready together (she has a "date" too).

5:30: Final touches on hair. Quick coat of polish on toes.

5:45: Finish the make-up, with careful attention to mascara. Two coats.

5:50: Put on new dress, strappy black heels and fabulous earrings. Decide against the necklace.

5:55: Grab evening bag. Spritz on perfume. Blot lipstick. Final check in the mirror.

6:00: Doorbell rings. Our dates are here! Open the door. They look so cute and ever so slightly uncomfortable.

6:05: Jeanine and I are ready to leave.

6:10: My date is worried because traffic is bad. Jeanine's date is optimistic, but not the one driving.

6:15: My date is more worried and begins discussing alternative routes and travel times.

6:20: My phone rings. It is Shanna. No, it is not Shanna. It is one of her students, trying to convince me he is Shanna's new boyfriend.

6:25: Still on the phone with Shanna's "new boyfriend" who is trying to convince me to meet him at Starbucks. My date gets slightly jealous. Get off the phone with under-age boy who wants to meet me at Starbucks.

6:30: Arrive downtown and walk to restaurant.

6:35: Decide the wait at restaurant is too long. Walk to another (very nice!) restaurant just around the corner.

6:40-7:35: Enjoy lovely dinner and excellent conversation. Walk to theatre.

7:40-10:30: Watch show. Whisper jokes and comments to my date. My date whispers back. Date suggests we sneak into the box seats during intermission. Date doesn't specify what he wants to do when we get there, so I decide it's better to stay where we are.

10:35: Walk back to car. Someone suggests parking garages are a good place for...well..."parking." No "parking" actually takes place.

11:00: Arrive home. Thank my date for a lovely evening.

11:05: Walk inside and find two cockroaches.

11:10: Text my date, in hopes that he will propose marriage and get me out of this hellhole.

11:25: Date texts back. No marriage proposal.

11:35: Get ready for bed (after Jeanine vanquishes cockroaches). Consider what the best colors for bridesmaids dresses would be. Wonder what my date would think of black with pale pink sashes...


Brother said...

Do I need to meet this boy? I don't appreciate you going off and doing this without me meeting him first! I'll flay him with my eyes if he makes any shadey suggestions in the future!

P.S. Me has a blog? Nooo! Click link!

Shanna said...

Getting asked out by underaged boys. Welcome to my life. As for the rest of your date, there are still two more months in the Year of the Kiss. If God can create the world and rest in seven days, surely two months is plenty of time for him to get you a smootch.

dovie said...

Who's Bridget Jones now?

The Optimistic Co-Pilot said...

It was a splendid evening, indeed.

Jeanine and I did not entertain the idea of sneaking into the box seats... we are far to civilized for such behavior.

And let it be known, both ladies looked smashing.

dennis said...

Year of the kiss!? What country started that? How come nobody told me???? Two more months?? And then what happens?

Laurie said...

It's a long story...but the short version is my dad named 2006 the Year of the Kiss for me. It's pretty sad when your dad wants you to work on your kissing life. So there are only two months left in the official Year of the Kiss. I'm thinking I might have to shoot for 2007.

drdenbo said...

ah, thanks. Now that makes more sense than before. I was really stressing...