Monday, September 18, 2006

World Missions...and Things

I am taking a Perspectives class at church. The class is designed to give people an understanding of God's work in the nations and His movement in missions. I was already familiar with many of the facts and statistics, but it is still mind-blowing to hear these truths over and over. I plan to share some of the quotes and illustrations that have most resonated with me.

The first lesson of the course starts with Understanding God's Story. Just two paragraphs into the reading, this sentence struck me.

"The degree of the church's commitment to world evangelization is commensurate with the degree of its conviction about the authority of the Bible." ~ John Stott.

If you can't say amen you'd better say ouch.

And further down, Stott says: "Individual Christians and local churches not committed to world evangelization are contradicting (either through blindness or through disobedience) an essential part of their God-given identity. The biblical mandate for world evangelization cannot be escaped."

Chew on that for a bit.

On a lighter note, I had another crazy dream. I was pushing a shopping cart through an assisted living center. I got lost in the maze of hallways and came across an old man who seemed a bit like a pirate. Then I turned a corner and found two cockroaches crawling toward me.

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dovie said...

I *love* that you quoted Stott. Although I don't agree with him all the time, I think he has been one of the most influential theologians in my walk with Christ. AND I've had the pleasure of hearing him preach, live, AND got my picture taken with him. He's getting older and is growing frail, so it was a very special day in my life.

On top of all had a dream that involved PIRATES! Do you know what day it is today?? I think your dreams were excellent foreshadowing, in some weird dream-world way.