Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rumors, Buzz, Bragging etc...

So I have a secret. Apparently my secret has caused quite a buzz. Numerous people have tried to guess the secret. One guy informed me that another guy bragged he could get the secret out of me. Not so, my friend.

None of you will ever guess this secret. It's not something that would be within the realms of anything you will think up. I won't tell ANY of you what the secret is until the two month period is up. So those of you who think you can find out the secret are wrong. Those of you who plan to ask certain well-connected friends for information will find it a useless endeavor.

I will dispel some rumors about the secret. No one is pregnant. No one is engaged. No one is about to get pregnant or engaged. No one is stealth-dating. No one has plans to stealth-date. In fact, my secret has nothing to do with male-female relationships at all.

You are all evil. There is no hope. That's it. Thank you.


Secret Holder #1 (the real one) said...

Being one of the players in this mysterious theatrical event is fun.

jhaas said...

oooh...secret holder it his/her secret? does he-she think he-she is a better secret keeper than you? (will dissention may make you crack?)

Is the evil video (stinking hilarious!) a clue. do you know that someone is going straight to hell?


Troy said...

I would just like to say that this post of Laurie's contains a bit of misrepresentation.