Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unfinished Business

A random list of bloggable items. I probably won't get around to blogging about any of these things.

  • I had Starbucks on Tuesday. Thanks, Michelle!
  • Katie and I got "shushed" at La Madeleine this morning. Apparently we were laughing too loud for the man at the next table who was talking on his cell phone.
  • Yesterday I was at a restaurant when a man told me I am beautiful and he'll always remember my eyes.
  • I miss Jessica and wish more of you knew her.
  • I can cry more tears than I ever thought possible. Sometimes they won't stop coming.
  • Sometimes I just need to be held. Sometimes there is someone there to hold me. Usually there isn't.
  • I received my first dirty text message.
  • I have believed a lie and I don't know how to unbelieve it. It's one of my deepest wounds.
  • Two live cockroaches on Monday. One in the kitchen drawer.
  • Ice cream makes me happy.
  • I've journaled more this week than I have all year. Seriously.
  • I need to meet Moms.


Ulovebeth said...

If the lie was that Catha saw a naked woman at the Uptown Park Starbucks, that's true. The people that work there don't like to talk about it.
If not, don't believe it. Pray for healing.
Also, why don't you just go visit Moms? Or have breakfast? Or go for a coffee?
p.s. I love Laurie's blog!

jhaas said...

i like you.

gasped at the roach in the drawer! that is aweful!

an ant climbed under the "u" key of my laptop this afternoon. (I said "oh, no! no! pls. listen! just get out of there...noooo" as it pulled itself through) I was afraid to keep typing for fear I would kill it.

i miss you.

dovie said...

laurie...i SO want to be there when you meet moms, but i don't have to be! she would *love* to see/meet you!

Anonymous said...

#5...please drink lots of water. the last thing you want to do when crying a never ending river of tears is to become would no longer be able to cry and you would feel crummy.